Sunday, May 8, 2011


hyep...happy to meet all of you.. today's post maybe i prefer in english..haha..
my like in food :

  • chocolates..because it could reduces my stress..yup..
  • mm..nasi goreng usa..its kuah make my tongue crazy..
  • if minum, normally if at restaurant i prefer to take horlick,milo, carrot milk juice..yes2..
  • if beverage in can..i like chocolates drinks, milo, hot choc..
  • sayur? only eat small quantity of it..
  • kurma? dah lame x it too..
  • if i could get air zam2, i would drink it dailyevery time..
makanan pon ken pilih gak..bukan main sebat je

food gives effect to our live..ourselve is depending on our food that we take..
so, take halal food....
if you have restaurant that owner by muslims thaat jage their solat..also their workers..insyaallah the food you eat is barakah..and make the restaurant your favourites..
today takde mood..mybe sbb tak mandi lg..haha..ok2..