Tuesday, May 10, 2011


did you know?...every people have potensi..they need to let themselve flow up to show themselve..there's nothing impossible for human..Allah has created us withe the best creation..

so, why we said. "i cannot la.." or "i'm not suit this" way man..i'm experience in my organisation..BADAR..and i'm also assistant in pengawas..from that..i learned many things,it changes me, my life, my think, my personalization..which to become better person..
cam ye-ye je ko lebih baek..
hehe..aku kenal diri aku..aku tau mane baek dan tak baek untok aku..

oke..every of us has talent..we can do anything but can do nothing if we think nothing and say no..

dont just like in comfort zone..try go to uncomfort zone..that teach u to learned something new to yourself improvement, you attitudes and anything..

remember again this picture..